I was listening to a Seth Godin podcast today, and he posited: "Every successful business has a monopoly on something. Something the marketplace wants that no one else can offer like you can." It made me pause and think about Ogo. What does Ogo do that no one else can do?Certainly there are more qualified cooks and culinary teachers. And I've heard dozens of more articulate speakers on food, hospitality and the table. 

Ogo's mission is to help create meaningful moments through the medium of food--it's food for the table's sake, and table for the soul's sake. Ogo is unique, I think, in delivering practical and personalized solutions wrapped in a set of 9 values that are birthed out of and driven by the mission.  These values drive every conversation and decision I make with Ogo Initiative:

•   Listen well

•   Respond to opportunities with creativity and imagination

•   Craft solutions that are practical & personalized

•   Commit to the process of discovering why

•   Add value and reduce stress in the lives of clients

•   Have fun

•   Always take the high road

•   Prioritize the relationship

•   Judge success ultimately by the satisfaction of the client

If you feel stuck in the kitchen, bored over dinner, or frustrated that you cannot get it all done, I would love to have a cup of coffee and see if what Ogo does can help you create more meaningful moments around your dinner table. I promise you will see these values on display every step of the way.