Take the guesswork, pressure, and intimidation out of hosting by learning how to efficiently plan, prep, and cook for large groups. The Cooking for Parties experience will teach you to determine how much food to buy, how many dishes to make, and how to budget and plan a menu that can be executed based on your cooking space, schedule, and storage.

Once a solid plan is in place, it’s time to prep. Learn what can be done ahead of time, how to adjust recipes to use ingredients in multiple dishes, as well as time- and energy-saving tips for volume cooking. The cooking portion of this experience can be broken into three or more personalized sessions.

Appetizers | From creative starters to classic offerings, learn how to execute on a “wow” level with fresh ingredients and well-built flavors. (Can be the focus of one or more sessions.)

Desserts | Dessert sessions will help you find the sweet spot for you and your guests. Learn how to make whipped cream and meringues, classic baked goods or sorbet from scratch. (Can be the focus of one or more sessions.)

Holiday Parties | Are you hosting Thanksgiving, Christmas or Passover for the first time? We will walk through each step required to successfully implement all of your family traditions. We can’t help with the uncomfortable dinner conversation, though. You are on your own there.

Wine or Cocktail Parties | Focus on wines from around the world, or zero in on a particular region. We’ll teach you how to pick cheeses, fruits, chocolates, and meats that pair beautifully with your wine. Or host a Mad Men-inspired cocktail party and learn the classics or a new drink with a twist. We’ll help you match your new favorite cocktails with some nostalgic appetizers or grilled goodies.

Grilling Out | Speaking of the grill, sometimes the occasion calls for more than burgers and hot dogs. Avoid biting into a piece of overcooked meat or serving guests undercooked barbecue chicken. Learn tips and tricks for keeping food at the perfect temperature and learn some fun and creative options for vegetarians or health-conscious guests.

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