If you have ever felt anxiety from opening your refrigerator because you had no idea of what to cook, have been paralyzed by the sea of options at the grocery store, or simply want to make more than a meal out of dinner, the Foundations experience is for you.

The Foundations experience tackles the trepidation that beginner cooks experience when the desire to expand their dinner repertoire is met with the uncertainty and resistance that naturally occurs when humans try new things.

We provide practical and personalized tools and processes that allow you to grow as a cook, without being confined to following recipes. The experience will also address the how and why of food prep so you can cook confidently and creatively from a well thought-out pantry and meal plan. You will also develop skills that empower you to adapt your meal plans to your ever-changing schedule.

·       Refined knife skills

·       The basics of building flavor profiles

·       Different cooking techniques and how to choose which one to use

·       How and when to use garnishes to improve your dishes

·       Vinaigrettes, marinades, and sauces

·       Soups and salsas

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